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Piping and Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Pipe Sections
  • Manifolds
  • Large Diameter Pipe (ERW, SSAW, LSAW)
  • Customised fittings, tees, valve bodies, piping and pump components
  • Offshore grade steel plates, beams, sections


W Maass UK

W Maass UK are a quality manufacturer of flanges, pipes and fittings. They can manufacture specially designed manifold, Wye pieces, etc. You can visit their web site on

They have a ready stock of various standard flanges, pipes and fittings that can be supplied quickly where time is of essence. In the orders we have placed with them so far they have been extremely flexible and have brought forward the delivery of a lot of items in order to accommodate our client’s urgent needs.

Sandvik Powdermet

Sandvik Powdermet is part of the Finnish group Metso, which supplies Hot Isostatic Processed (HIP) Powder Metallurgy (PM) components in near net shape worldwide.

The PM HIP process allows considerable design flexibility in shaping the products, making it especially suitable for flanges, fittings, tees, valve bodies, manifolds, piping and pump components. Often requiring irregular shapes and small runs of each type and size, every component can be individually designed so that it is guaranteed that it will fit its purpose.

The production process from the melt to the finished product takes place in three stages. Powder is produced by inert gas atomisation. The powder is canned in sheet metal capsules, giving the product the desired shape. The capsules are consolidated into full density under high pressure and temperature by Hot Isostatic Processing.

PM HIP components can be made from high alloy steel, stainless steel, Ni and Co based alloys and Metal Matrix Composites (MMC). For more information on the Metso products please visit their web site

Steel Plate & Sections

Steel Plate & Sections (SPS) are a UK based well established supplier of steel plates, beams, sections and other steel products. Founded in 1965 SPS grew servicing the developments in the UK North Sea with the requirements for offshore quality steels.

SPS has 40 years experience of meeting the needs Steel, Chrome Moly Steels, Stainless Steel and Nickel alloys of offshore fabrication, pressure vessel & boiler manufacture, construction, material handling equipment manufacture, bridge building, shipbuilding, civil & general engineering and other industries around the world.

They specialise in offshore quality steel and are very competitive. SPS by holding over 30,000 tonnes of stock at any one time at their facilities in UK, Continental Europe, Middle East, Singapore and Malaysia can respond quickly to your stock requirements and project supply anywhere in the world.

Close working relationships with the producing mills together with their comprehensive forward order program and global stock give total flexibility of supply and enable competitive pricing.

Jindal SAW

Jindal SAW are a manufacturer of large diameter Submerged Arc Welded pipes using U.O.E.J.C.O and helical process. Jindal are ISO9001 certified and have API 5L-0483 and 5L-0390 certification.

Jindal are also certified by Shell Global Solutions International BV in The Netherlands.

Jindal manufacture LSAW pipes from 16" to 48" outer diameter with wall thickness of up to 38mm and HSAW pipes from 20" to 84" outer diameter with wall thickness of up to 18mm. Jindal also are able to offer coating of these pipes.

They can offer Polyethylene / Polypropylene, Bond Epoxy, Tat Enamel / Bitumen and Concrete coating. Jindal manufacture pipes in three facilities in India and one in the United States. All the facilities are equipped with state of the art manufacturing, testing and inspection facilities.