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Virgo Valves & Controls Ltd are a large global manufacturer of Ball Valves, Butterfly valves (Manual and Actuated) for the oil, gas, petroleum and chemical industries. Virgo have been approved by Shell Netherlands and are currently in their TAMAP list. Virgo are one of only 6 valve makers in the world who have this approval. Virgo manufacture both API 6D Trunion mounted and floating design Ball valves in Fire safe design up to 56". They manufacture both metal and soft seated ball valves up to 2,500 pressure class. They also supply Actuated valves including ESDV's and several speciality valves like Gas operated valves and Gas over oil systems for oil / gas industries.

Virgo are ISO 9001 approved and have API monogram & certification, CE - PED approval for European Union supplies and GOST certification for Russian and CIS markets. They also have ATEX approval. They have approval and registration with over 50 leading oil and gas and engineering companies including Shell, Woodside Energy, Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Petronas, Saudi ARAMCO, Oman Gas, Clough Oil & Gas, Bechtel, ABB, Kvaerner, Technip, and so on. They have supplied to over 1,000 projects in 68 countries.

Virgo recently moved to a new state of the art facility with the latest design, manufacturing and testing equipments including fugitive emission testing, cryogenic testing, high pressure nitrogen testing, vacuum testing (helium leak detection), sulphide stress craking (SSC) testing and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) testing that meet the latest Shell standards.

Virgo manufacture ball valves 26 inch to 56 inch and other special valves in their modern plant in Pogliani (Milan). Valves 24 inch and less are manufactured in a sprawling new plant in Pune. All design and manufacture of valves are done in Virgo’s own facilities and are not out sourced. This gives them total control of quality, production and delivery. Virgo has a team of over 50 engineers whose vast collective experience and knowledge can be tapped by our clients at any stage (design, budgetary, procurement, construction).

They are company which are not only a world class valve producer but a very efficient organisation which provides timely documentation / drawings and delivery. We can assure you that Virgo will do what they promise in terms of quality and delivery. We as a representative will also make sure you are provided with all your requirements on time.
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Dobows Technology are a quality Italian valve manufacturer who have extensive experience in the energy sector. Dobows manufacture ball, butterfly, ball, gate and check valves. Dobows Technology Project ,produce and deliver to customer valves in ANSI, API, DIN standard and any other under specific request. All valves and product key parts of Dobows products are certified as per customer order request and international standards.


Yoneki Valve Co. Ltd are a Japanese valve manufacturer who manufacture gate, globe and check valves. Yoneki are part of the giant Tokai Corporation and have been manufacturing valves since 1920.

Yoneki are a ISO 9001 company which has JIS Q9000:2000 standard certification. Yoneki are a very reliable supplier of high quality valves who have supplied to many of the major projects around the world.


Fouress Engineering are a large valve manufacturer who specialise in valves for water and waste water application. They manufacture gate, globe, check and butterfly valves.

Fouress are a leader in large diameter valves. They have supplied to projects around the world, the latest of which was to Changi Wastewater treatment plant in Singapore. Please check their website